Volvo R-Design Models Are Swedish for Sporty

Under the bright Hollywood lights, ordinary just doesn’t cut it – that’s why this year at the 2013 LA Auto Show, Volvo brought out its R-Design models.

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Volvo V40 Gets the R-Design Treatment

After yesterdays announcement of the C30 Polestar, today Volvo revealed another performance oriented model, this time of the V40, dubbed the V40 R-Design. 

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Volvo S60, V60 R-Design To Debut In Paris

Volvo unceremoniously killed off their S60R and V70R some years ago, but they still kept their R-design appearance packages around, for those who wanted a more aggressive looking Volvo.

With the new S60 and V60 R-Design, the cosmetic upgrades are back, but a few mechanical changes are taking place as well. A strut tower brace, firmer springs and bushings make up most of the upgrades, but the real treat is a torque-vectoring traction control system that will appear on S60 AWD models. The new package will debut at the Paris Auto Show next week.

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Gallery: Volvo R-Design

[Source: Volvo]

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