Volkswagen at the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival

While wandering around widely diverging attractions at the recent Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, where ratrods, pristine muscle cars and automotive oddities of varying descriptions gather to be ogled and photographed by attendees, I was struck by the display from one of the event’s biggest corporate partners: Volkswagen.

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2022 Volkswagen Taos SEL AWD Review: Practical and Premium

How does one classify the Volkswagen Taos? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for quite some time. And not just about the little Volkswagen SUV, but the segment as a whole.

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Volkswagen Canada Wants You to Skip Researching Cars This Earth Day and Help Plant 100,000 Trees

Did you know 4% of all CO2 emissions comes from online activities?

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Top 10 Most Unique Looking Everyday Cars

There are a lot of unique looking cars out there, and some of them are even affordable, meaning you don’t need a hypercar to stand out from the crowd.

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Giddy Up: Top 10 Horse-Themed Cars

From ancient times until the 20th century, horses were the fastest form of personal transportation on earth. If you had to get somewhere in a hurry, chances were you’d be riding one of these beasts.

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Volkswagen ID.4 Reservations Open Online September 23, Require Refundable $100 Deposit

Immediately following the online reveal on September 23 of the new electric Volkswagen ID.4—a Tesla Model Y competitor—buyers can reserve an ID.4 with a refundable deposit of only $100. Volkswagen plans to deliver the first ID.4 vehicles to reservation holders later this year. 

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2019 Volkswagen GTI Review

Kleiner GTI, du siehst prima aus…

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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Revealed, Growing VW's SUV Lineup

Volkswagen is cashing in on the SUV craze with the new Atlas Cross Sport.

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2019 Volkswagen Golf S Review

Is there one vehicle that does it all?

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Should You Buy a Car With a Dual-Clutch Transmission?

Updated January 2019

In the quest to find a new car, there are a lot of questions that need to be asked. Questions about cargo room, technology, options, luxuries and other various elements will come up more than a few times while shopping for a new car. However, from the car driver’s perspective, there are just three main questions: 

How comfortable is the driving experience? 
How fun is it to drive? 
How good is the car on fuel?

SEE ALSO: Manual Transmission Supra Still Being Considered

A major factor in answering those three questions has to do with the right transmission. Let’s face it, manual transmissions aren’t for everyone. They require familiarity and a level of perfection to get just right. With a traditional automatic transmission, drivers have been able to experience a fairly comfortable, yet less engaging experience. Still, an automatic transmission can leave any driving enthusiast unsatisfied. Luckily, progress has been made in the world of automatic transmissions that can help alleviate those woes.

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Volkswagen and Ford Working Together on Pickups, EVs and Vans

Volkswagen and Ford announced their much-anticipated alliance on Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show. The partnership will not include ownership stakes but will start with commercial vehicles.

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How Many Punches Has My 18-Year-Old Beetle Inspired? A Daring Investigation

As far as I know, history has only provided us with two beauties so great that they inspire violence: The Volkswagen Beetle and Helen of Troy.

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VW Files Trademark for ID Light as Automaker Prepares to Go ID Crazy

Volkswagen has filed a trademark application for the term ‘ID. Light’ with the EUIPO, adding yet another wordmark to its growing portfolio of ‘ID’ names.

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VW Cutting Number of Powertrain Offerings in $3.4B Cost Cutting Move

Volkswagen announced plans to trim another $3.4 billion from its operating costs by 2020 during a press conference in Wolfsburg today.

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VW I.D. Buzz Cargo Still Has a Chance in America

Volkswagen showed off the I.D. Buzz Cargo at the L.A. Auto Show, and it turns out there’s a chance it could be sold in the North American market.

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