Eight Car Pile Up At The Nurburgring

The accident took place on a public lapping day at the “Bergwerk” section, where a construction company was doing some repair work, which is not a great idea especially when novices are out on the track. According to reports, four cars were racing as they approached the construction zone, which according to some was not clearly marked.

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Ferrari Enzo Wrecked at Targa Newfoundland Being Air Shipped to Germany for Repairs
Owner Wrecks One of 10 LP670-4 SV China Edition Lamborghini Murcielagos

The luck just doesn’t seem to be getting any better for Lamborghini s, as another crash has surfaced – this time having absolutely nothing to do with their employees. One would think when you own just one of 10 LP670-4 SV China Edition‘s in the world, you’d be a little more careful with it. Just by looking at the photos, we can tell this bull suffered a seriously unfortunate accident in Beijing earlier this month.

Details are sparse, but what has been documented is that the vehicle was speeding at around 110 mph when the driver lost control. The exotic left the road, struck a group of trees and finally came to a stop a good 100 meters away. Luckily, as crazy as it may seem in populated Beijing, there were no pedestrians on the road and both driver and passenger were unscathed despite not wearing their seatbelts. Another proof that money just can’t buy common sense, driving experience or… well, just a brain.

This year seems to be filled with plenty of celebrity deaths and we can add on to 2010 as the year Lamborghini has really made the news with plenty of destroyed rarities.

[Source: Topspeed]

See the rest of the crash pics after the jump:

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