The Best and Worst From Scion Over the Years

Even though it was only in the marketplace for 13 years, Scion has done some great things for the automotive industry… and some really bad things, too.

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Diary of a Former Scion Owner and Fanboy

Scion may be dead, but it is far from being forgotten.

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Scion Unveiling Next-Gen Model at Los Angeles Auto Show

We will get our first look into Scion‘s future at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

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No New Scion Models Imminent, Exec Says

Despite slumping sales, a U.S. Toyota executive has confirmed that the Scion brand won’t be seeing new models any time soon.

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With the Scion FR-S destined to arrive on North American soil rather soon, it’ no surprise that the sub-brand for Japanese automaker, Toyota, decided to give its website a new identity. It appears that Scion hopes to give itself a more of a “grown up” image too with the FR-S’s arrival, which will undoubtedly be the first real sports car for the young brand.

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