Polestar's Latest Over-The-Air Update Adds YouTube, Improves Range Assistant Feature

Polestar’s latest over-the-air update gives drivers some new goodies.

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AutoGuide.com's YouTube Channel Breaks 100M Views!

AutoGuide.com is celebrating a new milestone on its YouTube channel.

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Reading Mean YouTube Comments: AutoGuide 2014

None of us at AutoGuide.com imagined that our jobs would involve memorizing lines or standing in front of a camera.

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AutoGuide YouTube Channel Passes 100,000 Subscribers

We’ve hit a milestone!

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Is Our New YouTube Trailer Too Epic?

We just launched a new YouTube trailer and, well… it’s pretty awesome.

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Automakers Embrace Online Advertising Through Short Videos

The internet has changed the ways consumers shop, and in the same fashion, short online videos have revolutionized the way companies advertise.

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Volkswagen Distracted Driving Commercial Has Nothing to Do With Cars – Video

Normally a car commercial shows dramatic driving, talkgin about the new features or somehow otherwise tries to turn your attention to the latest model. One of Volkswagen‘s latest commercials throws that out the window in favor of shock value.

Partnering with a YouTube how-to makeup artist, the the spot shows viewers how to bedazzle their faces and apply makeup to recreate the look shown in the clip.

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Stunt Driving Fail: Always Wear Your Seat Belt Edition [Video]

Disclaimers exist for a reason: some things really are best left to professionals – for instance, stunt car driving.

In this video, a couple of thrill seekers decide it’ll be cool to pull a few extreme moves for the camera. After kicking up some smoking donuts, the driver decides to take on a sharp turn for on-lookers. Unfortunately, someone in the car isn’t wearing a seat belt and the door swings open. What happens next is just simple physics, obviously a class in high school that this passenger didn’t attend. The man appears to be unharmed by the accident, aside from scrapes, bruises and his ego.

The man who is ejected from the vehicle appears to come out of the back seat, although the video’s poor quality makes it hard to determine whether he is the driver, front passenger or rear passenger. Watch closely and let us know which person you see popping out in the comments section below.

Finally, though we shouldn’t have to remind you, do not to try this at home… otherwise we’ll be making fun of you next time around.

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OK Go and Chevy Sonic Make Beautiful Music Together

The band OK Go is known for its funky music videos. This time around, OK Go has teamed up with Chevrolet for its newest viral video. But instead of using choreographed moves on a treadmill, the band is using a Chevy Sonic to play instruments.

In order for the Chevy Sonic to play instruments on the bands latest single, “Needing/Getting,” a few modifications had to be added. This included installing retractable pneumatic arms that would hit instruments as the Sonic drove by them. To make this video happen, it took four months of prep work, four days of filming, stunt driving lessons, two miles of track and 1000 instruments set up along the course.

It already looks like this video is a hit – over four million hits on YouTube and counting. Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Nissan Gaining Social Media Steam

Automakers have seen the benefits that social media can have on its brands, and as a result, are spending more time (and money) cultivating a presence on these online channels. And this effort is paying off – especially for Nissan. Nissan North America has been interacting with fans of its brands through social media and building a loyal brand following.

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Inside the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center
Any self respecting car company these days has to have a presence on social media sites, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception.

This German brand has their own channel of YouTube called MercedesBenzReporter, and they use this channel to inform the public about their latest models. However in a recent episode, they covered not a car, but a facility.

The facility in question is the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, CA. The job of the Classic Center is to help maintain and restore old Mercedes-Benz models.

The place is full of rare and exotic vehicles from the brand, so it is a must for any enthusiast of this brand to visit, especially since they buy cars to either display or sell.

If you love original “Gull-wing” SL’s, you will love the video we have for you below;

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Aptera Employees Destroy Prototype Electric Vehicles On Camera

Maybe the staff at Aptera watched the printer-smashing scene in Office Space too many times and felt like taking some frustration out on inanimate objects.

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Recaro Launches New Facebook And YouTube Campaign

Not to rest on their success, Recaro is looking to new channels to spread their word on the advantages of their seats. It has now just launched a Facebook page and a YouTube channel to attract more fans to their brand.

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Car Review Videos, Monthly Wrap Up: 2012 MINI Coupe, Civic Si Vs. MazdaSpeed3

September is now over and with it we saw the launch of the all-new MINI Coupe, while the AutoGuide team spent some time at the track putting together a shootout between the all-new 2012 Honda Civic Si and the MazdaSpeed3. The result might not surprise you, but a good look at the numbers shows that it wasn’t as far-fetched a comparison as you might think.

The past month also saw the start of the auto show season with the Frankfurt Motor Show. AutoGuide’s video crew made the trip across the pond to deliver a first look at all the new debuts, w hich can be viewed here.

Watch both reviews after the jump and keep up to date on the latest new car reviews here:

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Audi Launches Its Own Version Of Shark Week

The rather cumbersomely-named “R8 GT Week” will feature daily videos that show off the R8 GT’s performance as it laps Infineon Raceway, with Audi racer Emanuele Pirro behind the wheel. Pirro won five LeMans championships, three of which were with Audi, so he certainly qualifies as an expert.

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