Hartge Tunes BMW Z4 With Elegance and Speed

We’ll be the first ones to say that the current BMW Z4 is by far the sportiest and nicest looking Z4 BMW has produced. Long time BMW tuner Hartge has entered the fray tuning the inside, outside and performance of the new Z4.

At the top of the list is an ECU upgrade for the turbocharged roadster, pushing horsepower to 350-hp from the factory 306-hp. It also eliminates the speed limiter and helps blast the Z4 to a 4.7 second 0-62 mph time. It’s currently available for $2,600 and Hartge promises minimal change in your MPG. How thoughtful of them.

On the outside is Hartge’s Classic 3 wheel, a refreshed version of their popular Hartge Classic wheel. A staggered setup has been bolted on with 20×9-inch in the front and 20×10-inch in the rear. Suspension upgrades lower the Z4 a subtle .8-inch in the front while the rear benefits with a real minor .4-inch lowering.

Familiar styling comes with Hartge’s front lip and rear spoiler along with Hartge emblems and decals. We’ve never been a huge fan of Hartge’s exterior body kits but we think this one is a killer addition to the already aggressive Z4.

And for those looking for a little luxury, a special wind deflector is available made of single-layer safety glass. Other interior upgrades are pretty standard with pedals, steering wheel and floor mats.


Official press release available after the break.

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