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Hybrid AWD vs Mechanical AWD

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Electric motors in hybrids and EVs do more than just save gas; they have incredible potential for enhanced performance and safety. In fact, many hybrids have all-wheel drive systems that are better than what you would find in a gasoline car. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Family Friendly Fuel Sippers

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Getting “mileage” out of a purchase can mean more than saving gas. There’s cargo capacity, seat space and price to take into account on top of hunting for high miles per gallon. You might be surprised by how many new cars there are in dealer showrooms today that offer all of those attributes without compromising… Continue Reading...

Top 10 Cheapest 40 MPG Cars

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Fuel efficiency is at the forefront of every new car-buyer’s mind. No one wants to spend $30,000 and find themselves throwing money away at the gas pump, so we’ve compiled a list of the cheapest vehicles that get 40 miles per gallon (combined) in order from most expensive to least expensive. Continue Reading...
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