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2012 Chevrolet Impala to Get New 3.6L Engine, Big Bump in Power

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With a new Impala not set to debut for several more years, the already stale model is in serious danger of becoming as relevant as an ’80s music montage. To help combat the car’s sinking appeal, Chevrolet will debut a restyled version for 2012 with some important changes that are more than skin deep. With… Continue Reading...

Detroit 2010: Chevy Aveo RS Show Car Gets Power, Fuel-Economy and Lots of Style

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***See AutoGuide’s LIVE 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage Here*** Ahead of it’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week, Chevrolet is giving us a good look at the Aveo RS Show Car, which foreshadows the production 2011 Aveo. And we have to say: Bravo GM! The sub-compact segment is heating up and while Ford… Continue Reading...

Report: Surprise… Two-Thirds of Camaros Are Sold With a V8 Engine

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When the new Camaro came out, General Motors explained the very careful two-pronged approach for the car, with the high-volume V6 models appealing to lifestyle consumers, while the high-powered and more expensive V8 version selling to the limited enthusiast crowd. So imagine the surprise in the marketing and product planning departments upon learning that two… Continue Reading...

Report: Lutz Confirms Cadillac CTS-V SportWagon?

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As unlikely as it seems, Cadillac may be preparing to launch a high-performance V version of the CTS SportWagon. The rumors of a 556hp CTS wagon re-emerged when an Autoblog reader reportedly had an email exchange with GM’s product boss Bob Lutz where he asked Lutz if a manual transmission version of a CTS-V wagon… Continue Reading...