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2015 SRT Barracuda to be Built on New, Smaller Platform

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Recent reports say that the SRT Barracuda will co-exist with the current Dodge Challenger, and now further evidence supports this belief as the 2015 SRT Barracuda will be built on an entirely new platform. Continue Reading...

2013 SRT Viper is Still Mean, Now Beautiful Too: 2012 NY Auto Show

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Under the hood is a 8.4-liter V10, but it’s gained new high strength forged pistons, lightweight composite intake manifold, aluminum flywheel and changes the exhaust. Continue Reading...

Repurposed Walmart Functions as Super-Garage in Video

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Rick Treworgy is our kind of guy; he’s spent much of his life restoring cars. Presently he has a collection of roughly 225 vehicles. His assortment is so massive that he had to buy a now-defunct Walmart to house them all. Willing to share what he’s done over the years with the general public, Treworgy… Continue Reading...

Classic American Muscle Left to Rot in Japan [Video]

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Daniel O’Grady runs a website called Japanese Castle Explorer, where he documents and shares his experiences while exploring all of Japan’s historical castles. O’Grady is an Australian who also clearly has a passion for classic American muscle, for when he came across this lot of rusted vintage American muscle cars, he couldn’t help but share… Continue Reading...