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Saleen Back On Track to Produce New Supercar

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Many car enthusiasts would argue that perhaps the only true supercar to have ever been made in America was the Saleen S7. This carbon-fibered, mid-engined rocket ship was not only a very capable street car, but was also a very successful racing car, winning many races in the FIA GT Championship, not to mention impressive… Continue Reading...

Rare Callaway Corvette Speedster For Sale In Arizona

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The late 1980’s is often considered as the era that gave birth to the modern day supercar. Every exotic car manufacturer was gunning to produce the fastest production car in the world, and the 200-mph mark was the target to beat. In this arena, the Japanese had no contenders and all the major players came… Continue Reading...

Devon GTX To Be Auctioned At Barrett-Jackson

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It was a good idea, if only it had worked. A few years back, a man by the name of Scott Devon decided that the world needed a new American supercar. So he appointed a Swede (Daniel Paulin) to design his dream car. Being a start-up company, Devon did not have the money to develop… Continue Reading...

SSC Tuatara Launched At Dubai Motor Show

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If you own a small volume, exotic car company that is working hard to build its pedigree and customer base, there is perhaps no better place than Dubai to launch your new product. While in recent years, this popular tourist spot of the United Arab Emirates might have gone through its own fair share of… Continue Reading...