Japanese Automakers Re-Start Production In Thailand

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While Thailand is mostly known for sandy beaches, fake watches and other pleasures that need to be paid for in cash, Thailand has a strong manufacturing base, with many automakers producing vehicles and components in the developing nation. October’s flooding, which ravaged the Southeast Asian country, made a major dent in the production figures of… Continue Reading...

Suzuki Disatisfied With VW, May Collaborate With Fiat Instead

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In 2010, Volkswagen took a twenty-percent stake in Suzuki, and virtually no progress has been made from the alliance since then. Neither side has been thrilled with the coalition and the two automakers have even stated cultural differences as being a factor in the failed relationship. Both automakers had different goals: VW wanted to expand… Continue Reading...

GM’s Uzbekistan Arm Helps Spur Growth In Russian Auto Market

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General Motors has its hands in all corners of the globe, and while most consumers know about their operations in Europe and South Koreas, their arm in the former Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan is shaping up to be quite the powerhouse in the all-important Russian market. Despite only being in existence since November, 2008 GM… Continue Reading...

Ford Introducing 15 Cars To China By 2015

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Ford is planning a product-lineup bonanza in China, with plans to introduce 15 new vehicles there as part of its Asian expansion plans. The announcement was made at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, where Ford also outlined plans to more than double the number of dealerships currently open: from 340 to over 700. Ford will… Continue Reading...

Un-Fit: Honda Recalls 700,000 Fit Models Over Engine Problems

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Honda has announced a recall of 700,000 Fits worldwide, with 97,000 in the U.S., for a problem with valvetrain springs, which may break and cause the engine to stall. The recall has caused no injuries so far, yet Honda is taking no chances: the recall covers the Fit, the Freed and the City models across… Continue Reading...

BMW 335i Costs $260,000 In Singapore As Vehicle Permits, Taxes Increases 24-Fold

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Think the $41,400 sticker price for a BMW 335i is bad? Be glad you don’t live in Singapore where the same model will run you $260,000, about what an Italian exotic would retail for in the United States. Singapore residents who want a private vehicle must pay for a special permit that allows them to… Continue Reading...

Honda Fit Overtakes Toyota Prius In Japanese Car Market After Hybrid Subsidies End

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The best-selling car in Japan is about to change as government subsidies on hybrid cars has lead to a drop off in sales of the Toyota Prius. Analysts expect the Honda Fit to take the top spot. Prius sales began to dip in September after the government subsidy program ended, but Fit sales remained strong, buttressed by the introduction… Continue Reading...

Ferrari Ups Sales in China by 50 Percent

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China is increasingly becoming the market place for luxury brands, and Ferrari‘s banner year in the Chinese market will likely force the Italian supercar maker to shift more of its energy to the Far East as China and Hong Kong gobble up more and more cars. With 300 cars sold in 2010, China sold 50%… Continue Reading...

2011 Chevrolet Orlando Pictures Revealed, Will Debut At 2010 Paris Auto Show

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Chevrolet‘s Orlando micro-van has had its first pictures shown ahead of its debut at the Paris Auto Show. Based on the Cruze platform, the Orlando won’t make it to the United States, but is expected to be a strong seller in world markets, as well as Canada, where the compact minivan market has entries from… Continue Reading...
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