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Top 10 Upcoming EVs of 2020

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The Electric Vehicle (EV) market continues to grow—giving the electric-curious among us more to learn about while expanding the range of options available to the in-market shopper. Whether as a primary or secondary vehicle, shoppers now have more choices than ever when they decide to make the switch to electric motoring. With competition heating up,… Continue Reading...

Audi Gives the E-Tron a Sportback Variant

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With Audi’s bold plans for 20 new EVs by 2025, it’s probably not much of a surprise that not all of them are entirely different from each other. By that, we mean that some variants are not just likely, but inevitable. The latest, unveiled today the night before the LA auto show is one of… Continue Reading...

Mercedes-Benz EQC vs. Audi E-Tron: Spec Sheet Comparison

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Which brand new fully electric crossover has the early edge? Continue Reading...