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Audi SuperBowl Ad Revealed With “Green Police” and the A3 TDI

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Audi has just unveiled the complete version of its 2010 SuperBowl ad featuring the A3 TDI. The gist of the commercial is that the Green Police are out arresting regular folks doing regular things that are bad for the environment, like throwing out compost, using plastic bags for groceries or using incandescent light bulbs. At… Continue Reading...

Audi Super Bowl Ad 2009

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Well, it’s not as good as last year’s ad, but Audi’s 2009 Super Bowl ad is certainly worth a watch. Jason Statham, known for piloting Audis in his roles in the different Transporter movies is escaping from some bad guys in the commercial. After no luck with an old Mercedes, and less luck with a… Continue Reading...