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Chrysler, Ford US Sales at Highest Level in Four Years

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A number of analysts believe the growth in auto sales last month can be partly attributed to this year’s unseasonably mild winter, which had consumers flocking to dealers earlier than the traditional spring selling season; other factors include a plethora of new models hitting the streets as well as lower unemployment statistics and easier access... Continue Reading...

Fiat-Volvo Partnership a New Possibility

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A few years ago, Italian auto giant Fiat was very close to partnering up with General Motors. However, that deal went sour at the last minute and a few years after that, Fiat bought a big chunk of Chrysler in its quest to have a large slice of the American market. More recently, the company… Continue Reading...

Hyundai-Kia “Rivalry” Could Hinder Growth

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Frank Ahrens, a spokesman for Hyundai, said the car-to-car rivalry between the two brands, extends to all segments; further complicating matters is the fact that although Hyundai and Kia are overseen by the same chairman (Chung Mong Koo) and share a development center, they are run as two separate companies and arch rivals at that. Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Plans Full Porsche Takeover

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Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen and Porsche, is clearly frustrated at the present lack of integration between the two companies, something he reiterated earlier this month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Continue Reading...

Auto Execs Skeptical of EV Success

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In fact among the 200 executives surveyed anonymously, two-thirds predict that sales of both Hybrid and pure EVs will only account for around 6 percent of total vehicle sales in Europe and the US by 2025 Continue Reading...

Ford US Sales Reach 2 Million Units

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Light trucks have also been doing well, with the breadwinning F-150, along with the outgoing Escape and Explorer looking to post strong gains (current estimates predict around a 30 percent increase by the time all’s said and done), according to a official statement released by the company. Continue Reading...