Abalta Weblink Makes Smartphone Integration Affordable

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After a good decade and a half in-vehicle infotainment is still something of a mess. Practically every automaker has taken its own approach to implementing advanced connectivity technology. And just like freshly fallen snowflakes no two solutions are alike. Continue Reading...

QNX Showcases High-Speed Infotainment System

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The folks from QNX demonstrated the power of their software platform at 2014’s Telematics Update Detroit. The Canada-based computer company showed off a reference platform with super-fast booting capabilities. Continue Reading...

Five Reasons Ford’s Switch from Microsoft to Blackberry QNX is a Good Thing

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  Few car components have been vilified more than the MyFord Touch infotainment system, but word is floating about that the Blue-Oval may be switching its gameplan, ditching its Microsoft based platform for one powered by BlackBerry’s QNX. If you’ve heard anything about Blackberry over the past few years, chances are it wasn’t good news…. Continue Reading...

Next-Gen Infotainment System Previewed by QNX

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A new platform for in-car entertainment is ready to hit the market, based on the latest software from Research in Motion (RIM) subsidiary, QNX.  Continue Reading...

Automakers Betting on Linux for Future Infotainment Systems

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In order to attract buyers, car manufacturers have had to ramp up the amount of technology offered in their cars. Infotainment systems do a lot, like help navigate, set cabin temperature, adjust audio settings and more, but they tend to be a neat party trick, falling short in real-world use. Continue Reading...

New Device Enforces Restricted In-Car Cell Phone Use

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Cell phones behind the wheel— they’re a deadly plague on traffic safety that cause frequent and preventable crashes. Even worse is the fact that scores of mature drivers are just as guilty as any number of 16-year-old sidewalk terrors more concerned with texting back than taking the wheel. One company is offering a solution that… Continue Reading...

Volkswagen To Turn Off Blackberry Email Servers For Off-Shift Employees

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Volkswagen has agreed to halt its Blackberry email servers from sending emails to employees when they are off their shift after complaints that their staff’s work and home lives were becoming one (can’t we all relate). The new restriction will cover all employees in Germany that are currently working under trade union negotiated contracts. Under… Continue Reading...