Consumer Reports: Tahoe, Yukon and GLS Among the Most Reliable 3-Row SUVs

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Looking for a reliable full-size used SUV? According to Consumer Reports, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Buick Enclave could be the answer?  Continue Reading...

2021 Buick Envision Gets Striking Makeover, Adds Avenir Trim and Standard Safety Tech

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  Buick has released the first official images and details of its 2021 Envision SUV. Those expecting a minor nip and tuck will be in for a rather rude awakening. To say that the 2021 Buick Envision looks striking would be an understatement. Continue Reading...

Buick Envision – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

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The Buick Envision is a compact crossover from GM’s near-luxury Buick brand, and perhaps unsurprisingly, its slowest-selling utility vehicle in the U.S. New for 2020: The Envision carries over unchanged from 2019. Why unsurprising? Because as hot as utility vehicles are at the moment, the Chinese-built Envision was the target of much derision leading up… Continue Reading...

Buick Enclave – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

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The Buick Enclave moved up-market with the release of an all-new second-generation model for 2018, hoping to draw comparisons with mid-size crossovers from more premium brands like Acura and Infiniti. We’ll refrain—for now—from weighing in on whether Buick was successful in its goals. Like its predecessor, the second-generation Buick Enclave fits neatly into the midsize… Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Comfortable Cars Of 2019

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These days, crossovers and SUVs may be all the rage, but let’s not forget that it was the car segment that pioneered comfort in the automotive realm. Continue Reading...