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Bugatti Galibier Super Sedan to Get Hybrid Tech

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Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirming that Bugatti will move forward with producing the 16C Galibier isn’t the biggest news about the super sedan, rather, it’s the fact that Bugatti will be offering a hybrid variant of the car. In an interview with CAR Magazine, Durheimer announced more details on the Galibier program and… Continue Reading...

Car and Driver, Road & Track, Sold To Hearst Publishing For $889 Million

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Two mainstays of the buff book world have been sold as part of a package deal, after their parent company, French publishing giant Lagardere, dumped a variety of print properties, including Car and Driver as well as Road & Track. In a shedding of properties that Lagardere no long deems “strategic”, the two magazines, as… Continue Reading...

Kia Soul: The Soul of a Lotus?

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According to a report in the UK’s CAR magazine, Kia has entered into a partnership with Lotus that will see the British light-weight sportscar maker develop the suspension for all future Kia models – starting with the Soul. The only problem is, this special suspension setup with be specifically for the UK – or so… Continue Reading...
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