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Top 10 Cars Thieves Stay Away From

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Now that we know the mid 1990s Honda Civic and Accord hold the top two spots amongst car thieves, what cars do thieves avoid most? Well, aside from the BMW 5-Series, the common denominator on this list is that these cars are all pretty dull. Interestingly, midsize SUVs and German sedans are among what the Highway… Continue Reading...

Keep Car Thieves Away by Painting Your Vehicle Pink

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You know how car alarms go off and no one pays any attention to them? Sure, they’re annoying, but now that we’re used to them, it just becomes part of the urban white noise. Forget installing a car alarm – if you want to protect your car against theft, just paint it pink. We’re not… Continue Reading...

Report: Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Gallardo Stolen in Toronto

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Car thefts are a daily occurrence in any major city and aren’t worthy of much media attention, until the cars being nabbed happen to have names like Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini. Such is the case in Toronto, Canada where police now believe a thief is targeting high-end vehicles. The cars in question include a Lamborghini Gallardo,… Continue Reading...