Top 10 Most Interesting Debuts from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show

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The Chinese automotive industry is moving at a rapid pace. Continue Reading...

Jaguar Land Rover Lands Deal with Chery For Cars in China

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Luxury auto makers are all flocking to the Chinese market, and Jaguar Land Rover have been lagging behind. Today, they have signed a deal with Chinese automaker Chery to manufacture and sell vehicles in China. The deal comes after news that Jaguar, and owner Tata motors have been seeking out a deal in the past… Continue Reading...

Iconic Fiat Plant Sold To Chery

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Fiat‘s iconic assembly plant on the Island of Sicily closed on November 24th and has been taken over by an investor. The plant, which opened in 1970 and manufactured primarily Fiat 500s was sold for a token single euro. Massimo Di Risio, one of Italy’s largest car dealers, is that investor. He plans to re-open the… Continue Reading...

Subaru May Partner With Chinese Automaker Chery

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The automotive market in China right now is an interesting one, with obviously a huge consumer base to pick and choose from. It’s common knowledge that Chinese manufacturers still aren’t up to par with American, Japanese or European counterparts, and some of the major players continue to look at forming partnerships with established brands. Chinese… Continue Reading...

Eaton Expects Supercharger Sales To Double Within 5 Years

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With the rise of turbochargers as a “green” technology, the lifespan of superchargers looked numbers as their popularity decreased, with the belt driven forced induction systems appearing only on high-end V6 and V8 powered sports cars. While superchargers delivery power in a smooth, linear manner, their cost, complexity and noise has relegated them to near… Continue Reading...

Chery to Buy Volvo: Fact or Fiction?

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According to a report in China’s Oriental Morning Post, the Chinese government has, for its part, approved a deal that would see Chinese automaker Chery buy Volvo from Ford. Neither side has confirmed that a deal is in the works, or even that talks are ongoing, however, Chevy has made their interest in the Swedish… Continue Reading...

Kiss Saturn Goodbye: Dealers Ponder Plan to Sell Chinese or Indian-Made Cars

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After General Motors made it clear in its viability report submitted to the U.S. Treasury that the future of Saturn was uncertain at best, it appears as though Saturn’s network of dealers has its own plan. Dan Januska, owner of Saturn of Scottsdale, told the Wall Street Journal that the dealers have been in talks… Continue Reading...
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