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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #88 NASCAR Monte Carlo For Sale

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If you’re a die hard NASCAR or Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, you may want to start digging around for $79,900. Up for sale is JR Motorsports car number 10, which was also one of Dale’s first stock cars to wear his now infamous #88. The 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo is a race-ready car, but was… Continue Reading...

Modified Monte Carlo Used As Bait For Murder

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Cimarron Bell is facing the death penalty after using a modded Chevrolet Monte Carlo as the bait in four killings, as part of an elaborate check-cashing scheme that saw him robbing three strangers and shooting his girlfriend. Bell listed the Monte Carlo for $8,000 to lure prospective buyers. When three men became interested, Bell told… Continue Reading...

Fast And Furious Movie Cars For Sale on AutoTrader

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This author has a confession to make. Out of all the testosterone-laden, Ad-riddled, motorized-wet-dream action of the Fast and Furious franchise, I’ve only seen the fourth one—and it’s rather beside the point to say that it wasn’t very good. Not even the first movie of the franchise, which at this point has become basically an… Continue Reading...