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Chevrolet Gets an E for Effort at the Tokyo Auto Salon

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Chevrolet cars aren’t exactly a hit over in Japan, and based on the brand’s Tokyo Auto Salon presence, it’s not hard to see why. Continue Reading...

Chevrolet Previews Tokyo Auto Salon Custom Creations

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Chevrolet will be heading out to the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon with a trio of custom cars, a Sonic Street, a Captiva Freedom Rider, and a limited edition Camaro Giovanna Edition. Continue Reading...

Tow Truck Fail: Chevy Captiva Tows-Away Tow Truck [video]

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Perhaps the lesson here is that when towing a vehicle you should have the keys, or perhaps put the truck on a flat bed. Or maybe the lesson is that you should use a large and heavy vehicle that won’t be out-muscled by the vehicle being towed. Regardless, this tow truck driver in Shanghai found… Continue Reading...