Chrysler Betting Big on 2021 Pacifica Refresh: ‘You Can’t Just Sit on Your Laurels’

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Mary Ann Capo gets right to the point. Her first words in our interview about the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica, from inside the vehicle itself at the Canadian International Autoshow, are clear: “We invented the segment. We invented the minivan. So we take pride in always being the one to innovate.” Capo is the senior manager… Continue Reading...

The Least Reliable Cars of 2020

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It’s the list nobody wants to find their car on. Just as there has to be the most reliable cars of 2020, Consumer Reports has also compiled a list of the 10 least reliable cars on dealer lots. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Comfortable Cars Of 2019

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These days, crossovers and SUVs may be all the rage, but let’s not forget that it was the car segment that pioneered comfort in the automotive realm. Continue Reading...

Under the Hood: What is Traction Control?

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  What is traction control? Well, before we get into that, let’s talk about traction itself. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Best Family Cars – The Short List

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There’s a car out there for every family Continue Reading...