10 Cars with Different Names in Different Countries

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There are numerous reasons why car models are rebadged for different countries. Continue Reading...

Holden Commodore Expected to be Announced for US Soon

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The latest rumblings from Down Under are suggesting that GM subsidiary Holden will soon announce its plan to export the V8 Commodore to the American market as the Chevrolet SS Performance sedan. Continue Reading...

Chevrolet SS Will Cost More than It’s Worth

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A Holden-sourced hotrod for the U.S. has all but been confirmed by GM after an OnStar slipup and the resulting media storm, but official details are still just out of reach. Even without that information, there’s a reasonable argument to be made that the rear-drive Chevrolet SS will be less than prolific.  Continue Reading...

Nissan GT-R Returns To Australian V8 Supercar Series

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An old nemesis is making a return to Australia’s V8 Supercar series. From 1990 through 1992, the Nissan Skyline GT-R dominated the Australian Touring Car Championship series, running rings around Holden and Ford V8’s. During the 1991 Bathurst 1000, the GT-R even set a top-speed record that could not be matched for nine years. Finally,… Continue Reading...

Holden Commodore Production May Leave Australia

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Between 250 and 300 engineering jobs in Australia may disappear in the next two years if Holden stops producing its Commodore at home. If the decision becomes final, it means a big change considering the company has designed, engineered and built the Commodore on Australian shores for 64 years. In an interview with OptusZoo News,… Continue Reading...