March 2015 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

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With another March in the history books so is winter, arguably the most deplorable season of all, especially if you live in an area that receives all manner of weather. Luckily for the car business unpredictable conditions didn’t keep new-vehicle shoppers at bay, quite the contrary actually. Continue Reading...

NY Senator Urges Full Investigation of OnStar’s Private Data Tracking Activity

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Last week, details surfaced of OnStar’s revised Terms and Conditions that allows the company to perform private data tracking on vehicles equipped with their device, whether the owner is a subscriber for OnStar’s service or not. Even though OnStar, a telematics subsidiary of GM, had written a press release to assure customers that its two-way… Continue Reading...

GM’s OnStar Accused Of Unauthorized Collection, Sales Of Private Data

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Recently it has been revealed that owners of GM vehicles equipped with OnStar, whether subscribed to the service or not, risk the involuntary disclosure of private and sensitive data collected from the vehicle’s GPS unit. A strong backlash ensued as critics accused OnStar of selling private information including vehicle speed, location, and seatbelt usage, to… Continue Reading...