De Tomaso Dead in the Water, no New Pantera Coming

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As much as it would have been fantastic to see the mighty De Tomaso Pantera resurrected, it seems the dream that graced our news section last February is falling to shambles. Continue Reading...

DeTomaso Comeback to Include Three New Modes, First to Debut at Geneva Auto Show

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There once was an Argentinian who started a car company in Italy, making products powered by American V8s. The company was called DeTomaso, which you may recognize as the automaker behind the Pantera sports car. However, times have not been kind to DeTomaso. Their last production car was the Bigua about a decade ago. The… Continue Reading...

Malaise-Era Supercars: As Fast As You Remember?

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Remember how fast we thought the Lamborghini Countach, BMW M1, and Porsche 928 GTS were? Remember hanging posters on our walls, idolizing the wedge-shaped awesomeness and iconic styling of the DeTomaso Pantera or the Ferrari 308? How can we forget? After all, every time we see a Countach out in the wild, we drop what… Continue Reading...