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Ford is Only Detroit Automaker to Decline Light-Duty Diesel

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Speaking at a recent press event, Ford officials have confirmed that the American automaker has no immediate plans to bring a diesel-powered F-150 to market. Continue Reading...

Ford, Chevy and Toyota: No Plans for Diesel Half-Tons

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Chrysler’s Ram truck brand announced an industry first diesel engine option in the Ram 1500 today, a move which the company’s rivals will be watching closely, though none of them have any plans to emulate.  Continue Reading...

Ford’s New People Mover Could Get Diesel Power

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At the introduction of the 2014 Ford Transit commercial vehicle last week, the brand suggested that the Transit Connect and people-mover Wagon may also get diesel power in the near future.  Continue Reading...

VW Amarok Pickup Heading to Canada?

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If the VW Amarok does indeed go on sale in Canada, it’s likely it will be offered with a diesel engine, giving buyers a true, thrifty alternative to the likes of gasoline powered mid-size and full-size half-ton rigs. Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Amarok Canyon Concept — Big Tires and a Roll Bar: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

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Despite some of the lineup having off-road capability, Volkswagens in North America rarely sport off-road tires. The same isn’t true in Europe where the German automaker sells its Amarok pickup truck which has serious off-road prowess. VW chose the 2012 Geneva Auto Show to debut its Amarok Canyon concept, which is a beefed up version… Continue Reading...

Diesel-Powered Ram 1500 Hinges on Demand Says Chrysler CEO

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We’ve reported before that Cummins, which builds the straight-six turbo diesel available in the Ram Heavy Duty has developed a V-8 diesel for use in 1/2 ton trucks and a version of this could be adapted for the Ram 1500, but it all hinges on demand. Continue Reading...
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