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Do I Really Need Premium Gas?

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Cost is often the first thing that comes to mind when motorists think of gasoline. Many will drive halfway across town to save a couple cents per gallon. Additionally, purchasing regular-grade fuel to save money can be an exercise in false economy, especially if your vehicle is designed for premium gas. Continue Reading...

Is Carbon Buildup a Problem With Direct-Injection Engines?

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Direct injection offers numerous benefits over port fuel delivery but could it be a bigger headache than it’s worth? Continue Reading...

Why are Diesels More Efficient Than Gasoline Engines?

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Diesel. To many American drivers the “D” word is something of a mystery. It’s associated with construction equipment, tractor trailers and hillbillies “rollin’ coal” in their modified pickups, spewing more black smoke than a burning pile of used tires. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

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Sometimes, automakers have holes in their lineups bigger than Van Halen did in 1985. Continue Reading...