DIY Garage: Here’s What You Need

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There’s no greater satisfaction than when you’ve just done something all by yourself, which is why so many car owners love getting their hands dirty by working on their car themselves. Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Bus-Style Bunk Bed a Dream Come True

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While we’re on the theme of  VW décor, we’d like to introduce you to a piece that will have your kids begging to go to sleep — it’s the Volkswagen Bus-inspired bed. The creation of Instructables user Uptonb, this bunk bed was made as a housewarming gift for his very lucky three-year-old nephew. The top… Continue Reading...

Haynes Repair Manuals Enter Digital Era

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Any car owner that has worked on their own vehicle knows what a Haynes manual is. The company has helped educate people working on their own cars for over fifty years. Now Haynes has stepped up to enter the digital age by uploading the manuals on the internet. The Haynes Group took over Vivid Holding… Continue Reading...