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Kia B.R.A.K.E.S For Teen Drivers

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Kia has teamed up with B.R.A.K.E.S., a pro-active youth driving school to teach teens and their parents about the importance of responsible motoring. Continue Reading...

Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning Reduce Crash Risk 42 Percent: Study

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EuroFOT, a European large-scale field test on driving safety, is finally concluded and suggests that safety systems like adaptive cruise control and collision warning systems reduce the risk of a crash by 42 percent. Continue Reading...

Mandatory Throttle-Override System Proposed by US Regulators

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Following the rash of alleged self-accelerating cars, U.S. regulators are calling for all automakers to make throttle override mechanisms standard equipment in every light vehicle. This issue came to light after Toyota’s unintended acceleration case, which spurred NHTSA to begin looking into override technology in 2010. Essentially, the required system would ensure that the brake will overpower… Continue Reading...

D’oh, a Deer! Tips For Avoiding Car Collisions With Deer This Fall

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Fall is a lovely time of year and a great time to travel the scenic roads to take advantage of the views the changing seasons have to offer. But keep your eye out for deer – they’re out on the roads and can cause serious car accidents. According to new study by insurance company State… Continue Reading...

Report: 60% of Drivers Still Use Cellphones While Driving

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We all do things we know we shouldn’t. It’s our little secret, right? It turns out a lot of us do something we know is dangerous – using a mobile phone while driving – but we do it anyway. The numbers are in – according to market research company Harris Interactive, 91 percent of motorists… Continue Reading...

Report: Gadgets Linked To 25 Percent Of Car Accidents

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We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it now: hand-held gadgets and driving just don’t mix. And there’s a new study to back us up on this – according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), texting, talking on a cell phone and other distractions caused by electronic gadgets cause… Continue Reading...

Study: Common Errors Behind Most Teen Drivers’ Car Crashes

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You worry about your teen while their driving, and rightfully so. A recent study has found that several “critical errors” are often one of the last in a chain of events leading up to a crash. And of these crashes, 75 percent were caused due to a critical teen driver error and three common errors… Continue Reading...