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How Come Other Automaker’s Diesels Can Meet US Emissions Standards?

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Volkswagen’s ongoing emissions scandal has devastated the German automaker. Its stock price has plummeted by about 30 percent and any goodwill it had with consumers has likely evaporated. But the collateral damage from this fiasco has also given diesels a black mark. Continue Reading...

Hyundai, Kia to pay $350 Million Over False MPG Claims

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It will cost Hyundai and Kia more than $350 million to settle the government’s two-year investigation into the inflated fuel-economy ratings of some 1.2 million vehicles.  Continue Reading...

EPA Makes BMW Correct MINI Fuel-Economy Figures

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Hyundai and Ford aren’t the only manufacturers that have been forced to revise their fuel-economy scores. Now BMW is joining this hall of shame. Continue Reading...
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