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Ferrari 599XX Makes U.S.-Debut Ahead of New York Auto Show

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While Ferrari doesn’t techniclly participate in the New York Auto Show, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to grab some of the limelight, hosting a private event at the Italian automaker’s ritzy Park Avenue dealership. (As though there are any Ferrari dealerships that aren’t ritzy…) Making their U.S-debuts were the 599 HGTE and the truly… Continue Reading...

Ferrari 599 HGTE World Premiere

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Ferrari chose the Geneva Auto Show to not only unveil the track oriented 599xx but also to debut a more performance-oriented version of the 599 GTB for the street. The 599 Handling GTE (or HGTE) 599 takes the standard 599 to a new level with several small tweaks that will make it a more invigorating… Continue Reading...

Ferrari 599 HGTE to be Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

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According to a report on Driver’s Republic, Ferrari will unveil a special HGTE version of it’s 599 GTB flagship at the Geneva Auto Show in March. Ferrari has produced HGT versions of both the 575 and 612 in the past. The “E” will apparently stand for Evoluzione. The 599 HGTE will feature a more aggressive… Continue Reading...
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