fiat 500 by gucci

Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

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There’s more than one way to move cars off dealer lots. Some companies offer deep discounts — a practice casually called putting “cash on the hood.” Mild style tweaks and jimmied equipment lists are another common trick. In other cases, the company actually cuts its prices outright like Nissan did this year with the Leaf…. Continue Reading...

Fiat 500 Gucci Coming to America With New York Fashion Week Debut

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The Fiat 500 By by Gucci will make its official North American debut during New York Fashion Week that takes place between September 8th to September 15th. The collaboration between the two Italian brands for this limited edition 500 also coincides with Gucci’s 90th anniversary. Unique to Gucci’s Fiat are signature Gucci green/red/green stripes along… Continue Reading...