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GM Hires Fiesta Movement Marketer From Ford

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The Fiesta Movement campaign was a resounding success for Ford, one that enthusiastically introduced to Americans the Fiesta and a new wave of global platform and design collaboration. So what does its social media manager do to highlight this success? He jumps ship to General Motors. Jon Beebe, the man who was in charge of… Continue Reading...

Plug Into Ford’s New Electrified Vehicle Facebook Page

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If you “like” electric vehicles, you’ll want to check out Ford‘s new electrified Facebook Fanpage. Dedicated to educate enthusiasts and curious consumers, fans will be able to find and share information about Ford’s electric vehicles. If you’re already a fan of this page, you’ll know that it’s where Ford first revealed the information about the… Continue Reading...

Ford Racing and Team O’Neil Driving School Team Up to Create Fiesta Rally School

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As Ford Racing just announced, they will be supplying 43 Fiestas to the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire in order to create the Fiesta Rally School. The O’Neil Rally School will outfit each Fiesta with a roll bar, rally suspension, and off-road tires so that aspiring rally drivers can safely learn the Scandinavian… Continue Reading...

Ford Fiesta Won’t Hit Dealers On Time Due To Hurricane Damage

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Ford‘s marketing campaign for the upcoming Fiesta compact has gone on for just over a year, and consumers are getting anxious about having to wait for the car to hit showrooms. Anyone waiting with bated breath for the new Fiesta will have to prepare for further disappointment, as the launch has been delayed, this time… Continue Reading...

Ford’s 2011 Fiesta Gets Social with New Owners

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Social media has infiltrated every facet of life, and it has been a big part of Ford’s 2011 Fiesta marketing launch. Ford is promising new Fiesta owners an experience unlike any other when they take delivery of their new car. The experience starts in the showroom, where kiosks play Fiesta Movement videos and act as… Continue Reading...

Ford To Reveal New Explorer On Facebook

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In an all-new approach to vehicle launching, Ford is choosing to reveal their hotly anticipated Explorer on Facebook, rather than at a traditional public launch. Ford has already shown a few teaser shots of the car on the popular social networking site, but nothing substantial has been leaked- expect a full reveal next month. Unveiling… Continue Reading...

Fiesta Ad Shows You How To Survive Zombie Attack, Without Awesome Weaponry (Video Inside)

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Anyone who grew up playing the Resident Evil games on Playstation knows that the best way to stop a zombie attack is with a large caliber firearm. For those who believe in non-violent resistance, Ford‘s new Fiesta commercial will show you away to make a clean getaway using features like the Fiesta’s keyless entry and push button… Continue Reading...

125,000 Interested in Fiesta Thanks to Social Media Push, Says Ford

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Ford is patting itself on the back today, claiming a tremendous success for its Fiesta Movement social media marketing initiative. According to the American automaker, the Fiesta movement helped drum up interest for the new sub-compact with 6.2 million YouTube views, 750,000 Flickr views and almost 4 million Twitter impressions. In total, Ford claims this… Continue Reading...

Fiesta Movement Gets Going as 140 New Ford Fiestas Hit U.S. Shores

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Ford kicked-off what it calls the “Fiesta Movement” yesterday when 140 new European-built Ford Fiestas were unloaded at ports in Baltimore and Oxnard, Calif. The vehicles will be loaned out to young “trendsetters,” who will report on the vehicles using modern social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Ford actually used YouTube to select… Continue Reading...
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