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Fisker Karma Lost at Least $35,000 Per Car Sold: Report

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Fisker Automotive’s fall from grace has been well documented over the last couple of years, but now a report has surfaced showing just how much money the American electric automaker lost. Continue Reading...

Fisker Karma Resale Values Plummet

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While American electric car maker Fisker is still treading through some rough waters, owners of Karma models are now watching their vehicles’ resale value take a huge tumble. Continue Reading...

Geely Won’t Make Final Bid for Fisker Due to DOE Obligations

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China’s Geely was expected to finalize the sale of Fisker by mid-March, but the Chinese firm will no longer bid for a majority stake in the troubled American electric automaker. Continue Reading...

Fisker Automotive: The Rise and Decline of an American Electric Car Maker

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It’s no secret Fisker Automotive is in trouble. The maker of premium electric cars is clinging to life by its fingernails. One more setback could send them plummeting into the fiery abyss of financial ruin. Still, even if they roll snake eyes the firm’s founder has more than a few thoughts on what future transportation… Continue Reading...

Chinese Volvo Owner Likely to Buy Fisker

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Earlier this year, we reported that Fisker seemed desperate seeking strategic partners in China, and now it appears that the struggling American automaker could be selling a major stake to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Continue Reading...

Fisker Seeks Strategic Partners in China

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Fisker is falling on some rough times and it appears that the American electric automaker is getting desperate, seeking strategic partners in China as well as funding. Continue Reading...

Fisker Production Halted Until A123 Sale Concludes

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For the last six months, Fisker hasn’t built a single car, and the American electric automaker doesn’t plan to until the sale of battery supplier A123 goes through. Continue Reading...