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Free Smartphone Apps Save You Money at the Pumps

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As we watch the gas prices creep higher and higher, we wonder what new tips and tricks to use in order to save money. If you’ve got a smartphone, the answers are already right in your hands. There are some good free phone apps that can help you save money on gas. Using GPS or… Continue Reading...

iheartradio App Lets You Listen to Radio Stations from Other Cities, And so Much More

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The radio makes the drive go that much smoother. But what’s that you say? No one listens to the radio anymore? Get ready to see (or hear) a surge in radio’s popularity, thanks to the free iheartradio app. Listen to favorite local and distant stations and other content while driving with the iheartradio app, available… Continue Reading...

Two New New Free Smartphone Apps From GM

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Another day, another smartphone app. This time around, it’s courtesy of GM. They’ve released a free app that allows owners of all 2011 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles to access vehicle information and OnStar services. There are two different apps available. The first is called myChevrolet (or myBuick or myCadillac, depending on what GM… Continue Reading...