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California Considering Vehicle-Miles-Traveled Tax

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California motorists that spend a lot of time on the road could be in for a shock. The state’s legislature is considering a bill that would explore a tax based on vehicle miles traveled or VMT for short. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Hatchbacks Under $25K

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Would you believe that you could get a vehicle with a 50-mpg combined rating for under $25,000? Continue Reading...

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrids

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People buy hybrids because they think the “H” word is synonymous with fuel savings. While that’s true, hybrid appeal leaves a wide grey area between mildly improved mpgs and real returns at the pump, not to mention the higher cost of entry into the gasoline-electric segment. Toyota’s success with the Prius often leads people to… Continue Reading...

Average New Car MPG Highest Ever in First Half of 2012

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The move towards increased fuel efficiency has been seen all over the automotive industry, with the focus shifting to smaller cars, and higher output small engines to keep fuel costs down for the consumer, and a study done by industry analysts Baum & Associates reveals that the average MPG for cars sold between January and June… Continue Reading...

Average Fuel Economy Decreased in June

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The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has been tracking the average overall fuel economy of vehicles sold in the U.S. since October 2007, and while the general curve has been towards more fuel efficient vehicles being sold, the opposite happened this past June.  With gas prices falling for this first time in months, consumers are obviously… Continue Reading...

April Car Sales See Drop in Average Fuel Economy

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According to the University of Michigan, the average fuel economy of all the cars sold in April was 23.9 mpg, a 0.2 decrease from March.  The study indicates that American car buyers are still conflicted in the showrooms. While many fuel efficient small vehicles celebrated good sales last month, vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and… Continue Reading...

Suzuki Announces 2012 Geneva Auto Show Display

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Suzuki is starting to promote its display at next month’s Geneva Auto Show, which will feature two new cars aimed at reducing their owner’s carbon footprint. While both vehicles are designed for efficiency, they use different means to achieve that end. The Swift Range Extender goes about this with a strategy similar to the Chevy Volt… Continue Reading...

Half Of All Vehicles Will Be Hybrids by 2040 – Exxon Mobil

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In its annual Outlook, ExxonMobil discusses the future of global energy demands and consumption and in this year’s edition, ExxonMobil believes that half of the vehicles on the road in 2040 will be hybrids. We personally believe hybrids will rule the road long before 2040, especially when you have vehicles like Lincoln‘s 2012 MKZ Hybrid… Continue Reading...