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Toyota GRMN Mark X Concept Generates Jealousy

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Toyota has debuted a concept version of Toyota’s Mark X sedan from GRMN at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, giving North American enthusiasts another reason to wish it would make it to America. Continue Reading...

2011 Tokyo Auto Salon: Prius G Sports Concept Tells CR-Z it isn’t The Only Fun One

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Hybrids are increasingly becoming the car of choice in Japan and as a result the country that’s responsible for popularizing electrified motoring is also the Mecca for hybrid tuning. Yes, some performance shops are working on adding more power to hybrid systems, but as with the rest of the auto industry, the majority of tuning… Continue Reading...

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: G Sports Concept Vitz Shows How Good the 2012 Yaris Can Look

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It’s not even for sale in North America yet, but over in Japan they’re already hard at work modifying the all-new Toyota Vitz – sold here as the Yaris. A marked improvement on the current model in the style department, the G Sports team at Gazoo Racing have customized this little hatch with a selection… Continue Reading...

Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Gazoo Racing and G Sports Show Off Concepts in Tokyo

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How much could possibly be reported out of Toyota’s Tokyo Auto Salon booth? With G Sports and Gazoo Racing sharing the real estate it’s no surprise there’s plenty to see. Along with the FT-86 G-Sports Concept, Toyota displayed a pair of Gazoo Racing cars: the iQ-based FR Hot Hatch with a widebody and stylish flat… Continue Reading...