Genesis G80

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2022 Genesis Electrified G80 is Brand’s First Production EV

Genesis is dipping its toe into the EV pool with a subtle EV variant of its latest G80 luxury sedan.…

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AutoGuide’s Top News Stories of 2020

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2021 Car of the Year: Meet the Contenders

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The More Options the Better: How Genesis Rethought Its Infotainment System for the 2021 GV80 and G80

One of the unique perks of this job is learning the ins and outs of every manufacturer's take on infotainment.…

1 year ago

2021 Genesis G80 Preview: Hands On With the Korean 5 Series Fighter

Lately the Genesis G80 has been the Rodney Dangerfield of the Korean brand's lineup: it don't get no respect. The…

1 year ago

2021 Genesis G80 Revealed: Look Out E-Class, 5 Series

Genesis┬ákicked off the week by pulling the sheet back on the second generation of its midsize G80. (more…)

2 years ago

2021 Genesis G80 Looks Way Stylish in First Official Images

Genesis has teased the second-generation G80 luxury sedan, and we like what we see. (more…)

2 years ago

2021 Genesis GV80 is Luxury Brand’s First SUV

Genesis kicked off the new year by releasing the first official images of its upcoming SUV, the GV80. The new…

2 years ago