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Honda Vision XS-1 Concept Previews the Compact Crossover of the Future

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  The New Dheli Auto Show has been a showcase of compact crossovers, but the Honda Vision XS-1 shows what the next generation of compact and sub-compact crossover can be. Continue Reading...

Honda Element Style Revived in Whacky Concept

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Honda has debuted its “N-Box + Element” concept at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, marrying the design of the automaker’s compact N-One and the discontinued Element. Continue Reading...

Honda GEAR Concept Inspired by 70’s Civic Hatchbacks

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According to Honda, the GEAR Concept unveiled today at the Montreal Auto Show in Canada is supposed to be a back-to-basics design, inspired by the popular Civic hatchbacks of the 1970s. Continue Reading...

Honda GEAR Concept is a Tighter Fit

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While the 2013 Detroit Auto Show is still going on, Honda sent this teaser of a new concept that will debut at the Montreal Auto Show in a few days. Continue Reading...
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