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Honda-Tech Meet Turns Ugly as ‘Thief’ Caught Trying to Steal a CRX [Video]

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There’s no justice like mob justice. Then again, we’re sure you’ll have a different opinion of the car “thief” in this video once you hear all the facts. At the annual Northwest Region Spring Meet for Honda-Tech owners things got very out of hand when someone hopped into a CRX and tried to drive off…. Continue Reading...

Honda Tries Novel Approach With CR-Z, Targeting Older Enthusiasts

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Car companies are eternally focused on capturing the all important “youth-market”, some even going as far as to create “youth brands”, like Toyota and their Scion line-up. Honda appears to be taking the opposite track with the launch of their new CR-Z hybrid sports car, hoping to take advantage of the demographic that was in… Continue Reading...

Drag Racing Honda CRX Destroyed When Flywheel Flies Loose [video]

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While Toyota owners continue to be worried about “unintended acceleration” issues associated with faulty gas pedals, owners of other makes are eagerly testing the limits of their vehicles’ intended acceleration on the quarter mile. Sometimes, however, there are unintended consequences. Take this drag-racing CRX for example and an owner who got one seriously unpleasant surprise… Continue Reading...

Report: Hyundai Tiburon Successor to Look Significantly Like Veloster Concept

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According to Hyundai CEO John Krafcik, the company’s upcoming replacement for the Tiburon will look significantly like the Veloster Concept that debuted at the 2007 L.A. Auto Show. In fact, Krafcik said that the sub-compact will look 70 to 80 percent like the funky concept, calling it “Accent sized,” and a, “four passenger Honda CRX.”… Continue Reading...