Honda Passport

New Toyota Venza vs Honda Passport and Other Rivals, How Does it Stack Up?

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Despite what some might call challenging looks, the original Toyota Venza was a popular model. Even four years after its discontinuation, Toyota sold nine last year. Come 2020, just a few days ago, guess who made a comeback along with the new Sienna? The all-new 2021 Toyota Venza. Well, when we say all-new we mean all-new… Continue Reading...

Honda Passport – Review, Specs, Pricing, Features, Videos and More

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The Honda Passport is the Japanese brand’s latest niche-filler in the ever-hot crossover market. Automotive trivia hotshots will point out this isn’t the first time the Passport name has found itself on the back of an H-badged crossover. From 1993 to 2002 Honda stuck its badge on the hearty Isuzu Rodeo for two Passport generations. The… Continue Reading...

Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

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Sometimes, automakers have holes in their lineups bigger than Van Halen did in 1985. Continue Reading...
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