In-car connectivity

Abalta Weblink Makes Smartphone Integration Affordable

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After a good decade and a half in-vehicle infotainment is still something of a mess. Practically every automaker has taken its own approach to implementing advanced connectivity technology. And just like freshly fallen snowflakes no two solutions are alike. Continue Reading...

Consumers Don’t Want Social Media In Vehicles: Study

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Such “specific” apps include real-time weather forecasting, traffic conditions and parking availability. According to Koslowoski, the research by Gartner demonstrates that “you have to be careful not to confuse the car with your mobile phone or your laptop.” Continue Reading...

Study Says Gen Y Favors Hybrids and Connected Cars

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In addition, Deloitte’s vice chairman Craig Giffi, says that Gen Y members are also more likely to be drawn to Hybrids than conventional internal combustion propelled cars and trucks, though he believes this is less of a “green” factor and more of an economic one, saving fuel and saving money, versus saving the planet. Continue Reading...