Top 10 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure

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Car insurance is a necessary evil, an extra expense you really can’t drive without. Coverage is important both to protect yourself and others when the unexpected inevitably happens. Continue Reading...

10 Things Your Insurance Company Knows About You

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Your insurance company can’t verify the annual mileage you drive, your marital status or who in your household drives your car, so why do they ask those questions when it comes to getting an insurance provider? Continue Reading...

What to do After a Crash

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Like an addendum to Murphy’s Law, the unforeseen tends to happen when you least expect it; misfortune is like a lot like a combination ninja/cat burglar/stealth bomber. Glance away for a split second and BAM, something bad happens. Continue Reading...

Can I Insure a Modified Vehicle?

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Insurance is something everyone needs but no one wants to pay for. Shelling out a big chunk of change every month for an essentially invisible service seems like a gross financial burden until you actually need it. Continue Reading...
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