Under the Hood: What is Carbon Fiber?

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Dietary fiber is good for the body. Among its many benefits, plant-based roughage speeds digestion, helps stave off hunger and can even lower cholesterol levels. Doctors are always urging their patients to eat more of the stuff. Continue Reading...

Presidential Limo Filled with Wrong Fuel, Fails to Operate in Israel

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President Barack Obama is currently in Israel and the presidential limo was brought from Washington, D.C. to the country for the visit. Except it’s not going to be going anywhere, other than on a trailer and heading back to the U.S. Continue Reading...

Israeli Government Buys $685,000 Bulletproof Audi A8 W12 For Presidential Fleet

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Throughout it’s 62 year history, Israel has had an uneasy relationship with German cars. While Israel and Germany have strong diplomatic relationships, its government agencies have stayed away from using Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen cars, even though they comprise most of the Israeli taxi fleet. Instead, Skodas and Volvos have been popular, in recognition of the… Continue Reading...

GM To Launch Opel In Chile, Israel

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General Motors’ Opel division is set to expand outside of Europe with its establishment in Chile and Israel. Reports say that GM has inked a deal with an independent distributor to sell Opel vehicles in Israel, independent of GM’s vehicle distribution channel in the country. Despite selling Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Isuzu, through one channel,… Continue Reading...

Report: Israel Defence Forces To Evaluate Ford Escape Hybrids

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The Israeli Defence Force already uses the Hummer H1 and the Toyota Hilux pickup for various duties, but now, one of the worlds most ferocious fighting forces is looking to add a frugal Ford to their lineup. Israeli newspaper Haaretz is reporting that the IDF is looking into the Ford Escape Hybrid as a support… Continue Reading...