General Motors Recalling 193,652 SUVs for Fire Risk

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General Motors is issuing a recall on 193,652 SUVs for a possible short in a circuit board that could potentially cause a fire. Continue Reading...

Top 10 Strangest Rebadged Vehicles

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Sometimes, automakers have holes in their lineups bigger than Van Halen did in 1985. Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Passat, GM Trucks NHTSA Probes Closed

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it closed the investigations surrounding possible fires on the Volkswagen Passat and cracked cooling fans on various GM trucks without issuing a recall or fines to either automaker. Originally the 2002-03 model year Passats were under investigation for possible ignition coil fires in July 2010 but… Continue Reading...

Hyundai Nabs BMW Design Director Christopher Chapman

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Hyundai is definitely making a lot of noise lately in the industry, and this might be their biggest boast yet. Today, they announced that Christopher Chapman has been named chief designer of the Hyundai Design Center located in Irvine, California. Chapman, who was BMW’s Design Director will be responsible for new vehicle and concept designs… Continue Reading...

Volkswagen Rumored to Acquire Isuzu

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With Volkswagen‘s recent tie-up with Suzuki not going so well, a new report suggests the German auto giant may look to partner or acquire another Japanese company in its bid to become the world’s largest automaker. Rather than put a focus on small passenger cars, however, this tie-up would explore furthering VW’s commercial truck empire…. Continue Reading...