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Toyota Cuts Annual Profit Forecast By 54 Percent

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  This year has been a  tough one for Toyota thanks to Mother Nature and her natural disasters. As if the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan wasn’t bad enough, Thailand experienced its worst floods in almost 70 years, disrupting Toyota’s production of their popular Camry and Prius models. As a result, Toyota has had… Continue Reading...

Automakers Shut Down Plants As Typhoon Hits Japan

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As Japan is now in the midst of Typhoon season, there will likely be others making landfall before all’s said and done, with the potential to wreak further havoc on the country’s citizens and infrastructure, making local automakers nervous. Continue Reading...

Toyota North American Line-Up Production Returns To 100 Percent

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It’s only been a mere six months since Japan was devastated by earthquake and tsunami, but on September 13, 2011, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing Executive Vice President Steve St. Angelo proudly announced that all Toyota models in the North American line-up have finally returned to 100 percent production. Just weeks after the quake hit… Continue Reading...

Honda’s Asimo to Assist Workers at Fukushima; Not so Fast

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It sounds like the plot to a bad science fiction movie. ASIMO, Honda‘s humanoid robot, is sent into the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plan in Japan to help out where human’s can’t, only to be transformed by Plutonium into a killing machine. But don’t worry says Honda, it’s not going to happen. Despite a… Continue Reading...

Honda and Toyota: Getting Back on Track

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Even though rivals, including Detroit’s big three, have gained ground this year as a result of problems facing the Japanese duo, most seem to view Honda and Toyota’s improving fortunes quite favorably. Continue Reading...

Toyota Won’t See US Sales Increase Until September

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Still plagued by the effects of the March 11th earthquake, Toyota won’t be able to turn a profit Stateside until September. Sales of Toyotas have been plummeting since May: 33% then and 21% in June, and a projected 21-33% for the month of July. This comes on a total 4% slide from the first quarter,… Continue Reading...

Google Street View Vehicles Lending A Hand For Japan Disaster Relief

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If you live in America, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to still favor Yahoo over Google. Over the recent years, Google has evolved from a search engine service to providing free email, navigation, maps, operating systems, image hosting, social networks…you get the picture. The technology that Google has created is, for the most… Continue Reading...

Despite Earthquake, Toyota Anticipates 2011 Prius Sales To Best 2010

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Sales of the Prius in 2011 are expected to surpass even the number sold in 2010 says Toyota, despite the disastrous earthquake in Japan that limited production of the popular hybrid. Toyota has been shifting all its resources to ensure production of its hybrid model is top priority after hitting a 61-percent drop in June… Continue Reading...