Joel Ewanick

Manchester United Fans Call for Boycott of Sponsors, Including Chevrolet

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It all started back in May, when General Motors and Manchester United first discussed forging an advertising partnership. Then GM ousted its Global Marketing head Joel Ewanick, a mere 48 hours before the record sponsorship deal was done. Continue Reading...

$600,000 of General Motors Ad Agency Work Tied to CFOs Wife

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Recently, General Motors gave a subtle shock to the world by announcing that it would not be advertising in next year’s Super Bowl, and that it was also pulling $10 million worth of Facebook advertisements. Continue Reading...

GM Looking to Save $2 Billion in Major Marketing Revamp

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Not only that but GM plans to align its marketing in different regions around the world with the theory that a campaign in China, Germany or Brazil, could be adapted for North America. Continue Reading...

Ford Marketing Boss Jim Farley Apologizes for “F**k GM” Remark

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There will be no public mea culpa, but Ford marketing boss Jim Farley has apologized for sensational remarks he made about General Motors. Farley made headlines recently when early copies of New York Times reporter Bill Vlasic’s new book “Once Upon a Car” were released, containing comments attributed to him. Included among them was the following:… Continue Reading...

El Camino “Very Unlikely” Says GM Marketing Boss

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Perhaps you’ve read the incessant chatter about the return of the Chevrolet El Camino. Well, it’s not going to happen. Thank God! Last week General Motors Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick joined Twitter and said  (loosely speaking) that if 100,000 people commented on a Jalopnik post, then they’d revive the classic badge, allowing us to… Continue Reading...

Chevrolet Needs 100,000 Hand Raisers For New El Camino

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For the record, 100,000 units is about what the current Toyota Tacoma sells each year in the US and to be fair represents rather high volumes for a niche vehicle. And in fact the best sales total the original El Camino ever managed, was 64,960 units, back in 1979. Continue Reading...

GM Marketing Boss Driving Chevy Volt 2,400 Miles from Detroit to LA Auto Show

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The one main flaw of electric cars is the range they are capable of. That, however, is not the case with the new Chevrolet Volt, using its sophisticated powertrain to cure “range anxiety” by using a gasoline engine for a total range of over 300 miles. And when that runs out? Just add more gas… Continue Reading...

General Motors Returning to Super Bowl Advertising Spectacle

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After a two-year hiatus marked by a global recession and the bankruptcy of America’s largest automaker, General Motors will return to the Super Bowl for 2011. GM had planned to be a part of the massive sporting event advertising spectacle but pulled out of the event earlier this year. The move not only hurt the… Continue Reading...
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