OnStar Ranks Most Helpful American Cities

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It turns out that OnStar isn’t just used for helping  yourself or your vehicle. Today OnStar is reporting that many use the system to help others in need. According to OnStar’s statistics, there are quite a few “Good Samaritan calls” in which an OnStar user calls to report another drivers situation that needs assistance. This… Continue Reading...

Report: Autobahn Country Club Adds Audi S5, TTS Coupe to ‘Autobahn Experience’ Driving School

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Chicago-area Audi dealers have formed a partnership with the Autobahn Country Club, that will give the race track the use of an Audi S5 and TTS Coupe for its high-performance driving school. The Audi dealers are now the official sponsors of ‘The Autobahn Experience’, a high-performance program for those interested in improving their driving skills…. Continue Reading...