Lamborghini Murcielago

Top 10 Fashion-Inspired Special Edition Cars You May Have Forgotten About

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Fashion and car seem to go hand in hand. Continue Reading...

Man Wins Lamborghini Murcielago, Crashes It Hours Later… On Purpose? [Video]

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What some people aren’t aware of with contests and sweepstakes is that when you win a car, often you end up having to pay taxes and other fees. While this sure beats having to pay for the car itself, sometimes the taxes and fees are more than someone can handle. This was possibly the case… Continue Reading...

Liberty Walk’s LB-R Zero Fighter Is One Awesome Murcielago

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Themed builds can often times be a disaster; sometimes attributed to having a bad concept, other times it’s just poor execution. The idea of taking a Lamborghini Murcielago and applying a themed build to it is could be scary, finding out that its inspiration comes from the Zero Fighter planes of the World War II… Continue Reading...

Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini Sitting In Impound Lot Since April

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In the sort of story that only happens to the sort of people who have the money to burn—i.e. pro ballers—Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini has been in police lockup since April, and he probably won’t miss it. Iverson’s 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago has been sitting in an impound lot in Atlanta for three months now, racking up… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini “Everyday Model” Still In Flux

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For anyone who grew up with posters of the Countach or Diablo on their wall, the idea of an “everyday” Lamborghini is utterly laughable. By definition, a Lamborghini has always been a loud, crude, in-your-face supercar that makes absolutely no concessions in the way of comfort or convenience. But Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann claims that things… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini Expects China To Overtake United States As Top Market

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Lamborghini head Stephan Winkelmann said that China will overtake the United States as its largest market in the very near future. Winklemann said that the exact sales numbers would depend largely on the new Aventador, and how many units it could deliver to China. Q1 2011 sales outstripped those of 2010, even though Lamborghini was… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini Builds Final Murcielago

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Chest-merkin users of the world have been dealt a hefty blow as Lamborghini announced that Murcielago production had ended, in anticipation of their upcoming 700 horsepower supercar. The orange LP670-4 SV is destined for Switzerland, and is the 4,099th car produced during the car’s 9 year production cycle. While the upcoming replacement for the car… Continue Reading...

CONFIRMED: Lamborghini LP700-4 To Get 700 Horsepower, Pushrod Suspension

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Rather than posting unsubstantiated rumors like most other blogs do, we made an effort to confirm some interesting information regarding Lamborghini‘s supercar. Autoguide was able to speak to a Lamborghini rep after the SEMA Show had wrapped for the day. The rep, who refused to be named, said that the car will “blow away” the… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini Toys With Us Yet Again Ahead Of Paris Auto Show

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Lamborghini continues to feed us bits and pieces of information ahead of the Paris Auto Show, with their recent shot of a ten cylinder powerplant. Many people assumed that it was the Murcielago replacement, known as the Jota, but the V10 arrangement threw off many observers. Now comes another round of teasers for an supposedly… Continue Reading...

Lamborghini Jota To Give Up Top Speed Focus For Weight Reduction, Handling

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Lamborghini is embarking on a pragmatic approach to supercar building with its Murcielago successor, known as the Jota. Rather than focus on top speed, the Jota will emphasize weight reduction, handling and acceleration prowess over brute force. Lamborghini released a teaser today, showing what appear to be velocity stack openings for a possibly V10 engine…. Continue Reading...
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