Lexus UX

Lexus UX vs Cadillac XT4 Comparison

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There was a time when Cadillac called itself the standard of the world, and it wasn’t just marketing puff. Of course since then loads of new luxury automakers have come along and rained on Cadillac’s parade. But lately, Caddy’s been on a roll with the product resurgence that it had been promising for decades but… Continue Reading...

Lexus UX vs Volvo XC40 Comparison

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The ever-growing number of compact luxury crossovers is giving automakers far more freedom to develop new vehicles than the sedan body styles they’re replacing ever did. More dramatic rooflines, more different sizes, and opportunities for brands that were left by the automotive roadside to bake a return to the forefront. Like Volvo‘s compact XC40. Massively… Continue Reading...
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